Why we need a Public Bank for Santa Fe

The Brass Tacks Team – Public Banking Facts That Stick got its start when we met as volunteers for WeArePeopleHere!-Banking On New Mexico program. We’re excited to now be on our own,  focusing on the work for which we’re known best: facts, credible, actual, translatable public banking facts that stick.

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It’s Time for a Public Bank for Santa Fe!



Let’s move our community’s funds from the big banks and put them to work at home.

SIMPLE The Public Bank will pay interest to the City on deposits, leverage its capital to greatly increase affordable loans for local projects and services, and return a share of bank profits to the City.

SAFE Our community’s funds will be deposited safely and locally.

The Public Bank will make affordable, lower-risk loans to fund important local projects & services.

It will operate for the benefit of the public instead of private share-holders.

The Bank will make decisions independent of the City; a public oversight board will monitor Bank decisions.

We’ll be able to track how our public dollars are managed by the bank.

Careful management and banking regulations will protect our community’s money.

SUCCESSFUL A Public Bank for Santa Fe will keep our community money circulating in our own local economy.

It will reduce the City’s existing and future debt by providing lower interest loans.

It will provide a new source of revenue for our City that does not come from taxes & fees.

Like the Bank of North Dakota, publicly funded banks all over the world are successfully investing in people, projects and services for their community.                                                                     TeamBrassTacks@gmail.com